2017 Festival Update

Dear Members, I know most of you are working to capture customers during the Father Christmas Festival. We hope you are reaping the benefits and sales have been good whatever your business, after all, driving revenue and business is a big part of this festival and of course welcoming visitors to our great community. The Opening Ceremony last Friday went off well, sorry many of you could not make it, but it was a big success. With the additional lighting and sound, everyone could see and hear and it made a huge difference. We could not have done this without the very generous support of Cross Fire Productions http://www.crossfiremusicproductions.ca, check out what they do and give them a ring for anything event management related. Did you see the Reindeer Flyer? The train has been a big hit and its bringing so much positivity to our wonderful town. It’s on again this weekend and many many thanks to Karen Pinsent, Peter Redden and Stephen McKellar for their hard work in bringing this amazing experience to the town. The Reindeer Fun Run has maxed out at 235 registered people, simply put there will be 235 crazy fun loving people running, walking, jogging through town with Reindeer ears and flashing noses. The event starts on Saturday at 5pm and we would love to see you outside your stores cheering on the participants. For this reason,…note the following… TRAFFIC DELAY NOTIFICATION! On Saturday 2nd December at 5pm Mahone Bay will host the First Annual Reindeer Fun Run in Support of The Lodge that Gives as part of the Father Christmas Festival.

Expect traffic delays on Main Street between 4:50 pm and 5:30 pm. Come out and cheer the Reindeer Runners along the 3-kilometer route.

Watch out for the 26 Wardens who are there to support the RCMP Wardens monitor the participants and keep everyone safe. The Mahone Bay Fire Department will be following the last runner of the pack……. Finally, a quick note of deep thanks to Nancy Petrie and Bill Roblee for all their work, and there are many others that we will thank in due course but this looks like to be a new annual event of the Father Christmas Festival. See you on Saturday evening, Nick and I among the wardens and will be there to cheer everyone on. Season’s Greetings, Charles

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